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Alliance OraganicAlliance Oraganic
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Nigrosine BlackAlliance Oraganic

ALLIANCE ORGANICS LLP offers the below Nigrosine Black Dyes having application in Solvent Base Ink, Phenolic Molding Compound , Bakelite Cloth Rubber, Plastic And Leather, Raw Material of Leather Shoes Polishes , Carbon Paper And Insulating Paint Resin Coloring, Plastic Coloring (Temp. Over 280C Like Nylon, ABS etc), Leather And Fur Coloring, Printing Ink, Stationery Ball-Pen Ink, Positive Charge Control Agent In Electrostatic Printing Powder Like Laser Toner

Nigrosine Acid Black 2 Nigrosine Solvent Black 5 Nigrosine Solvent Black 7

Alliance OraganicNigrosine Acid Black 2

Typical Properties: Nigrosine Acid Black 2
CAS no. 8005-03-6
Physical and Chemical Properties
AppearanceBlack Powder
ShadeJet black, Blues Black
Concentration50% to 100%
Moisture1.5 % max
Ash2.0 % max
Coloring for leather, sheep’s wool, silk, cotton, flax, metallic products, water base inks and stationery
Alliance Oraganic

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Alliance OraganicNigrosine Solvent Black 5

Typical Properties: Nigrosine Solvent Black 5
C.I.NameSolvent Black 5 (PSS)
Other NameNigrosine Spirirt Soluble
C.I. No50415
CAS No11099-03-9
Physical and Chemical Properties
AppearanceFine Black Powder
ShadeBluish Black
Chemical ClassAzine
pH4.5 To 5.5
Granularity250 Mesh
Free Aniline Oil1% Max
Free Nitrobenzene1% Max
Coloring for leather shoes oil, carbon paper, plastics, making spirit wood stains, black marking ink sand spirit finishes for leather, and printing inks, U/F stoving lacquers
Alliance Oraganic

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Alliance OraganicNigrosine Solvent Black 7

Typical Properties: Nigrosine Solvent Black 7
C.I. NameSolvent Black 7
Chemical ClassAzine
HueBluish Black
Physical AppearanceFine Black Powder
pH7.5 To 8.5
SolubilityVery Slightly Soluble In Ethyl Acetate & Butyl Acetate, Slightly Soluble In Cellosolve, Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, Mineral Oil, Turpentine, Linseed Oil, Soluble In Parafin Wax
Granularity250 Mesh
Free Aniline OilMax 1%
Free ChlorineMax 1%
Ash ContentsMax 2%
Solvent Base Ink , Phenolic Molding Compound , bakelite cloth rubber, plastic and leather, raw material of leather shoes Polishes , carbon paper and insulating paint resin coloring, plastic coloring (temp. over 280C Like Nylon, ABS etc), leather and fur coloring, printing ink, stationery ball-pen ink, positive charge control agent in electrostatic printing powder like Laser toner.
Alliance Oraganic

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