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Synthetic Food ColorsAlliance Oraganic
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Synthetic Food ColoursAlliance Oraganic

ALLIANCE ORGANICS LLP is a manufacturer of Synthetic Food Colours which has application in Food, Ice Creams, Dairy Products, Confectionery, Sweets , Soft Drinks, Beverages, Pet Food, Cosmetics.

Our Food Colours are as per Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) Standard.

Our Food Colours are Halal & Kosher Certified :






We have the complete range of Food Colours :
Water Soluble Food Colours Blended Food Colours Lake Colours

Alliance OraganicWater Soluble Food Colours

SHADES PRODUCT NAME C.I. NO. F.D. & C. NO. E.C. NO. Pure Dye Content / Corrected for sample min.
  Quinoline Yellow 47005 - E104 70%
  Tartrazine 19140 Yellow 5 E102 87%
  Sunset yellow FCF 15985 Yellow 6 E110 87%
  Erythrosine 45430 Red 3 E127 87%
  Ponceau 4R 16255 - E124 82%
  Allura Red 16035 Red 40 E129 85%
  Carmoisine 14720 - E122 87%
  Amaranth 16185 - E123 87%
  Chocolate Brown HT 20285 - E155 70%
  Brilliant Blue FCF 42090 Blue 1 E133 85%
  Patient Blue V 42051 - E131 85%
  Indigo Carmine 73015 Blue 2 E132 85%
  Black PN 28440 - E151 80%
  Red 2G 18050 - E128 80%
  Green S 44090 - E142 80%

Alliance OraganicBlended Food Colours

  Egg Yellow
  Yolk Yellow
  Orange Red
  Strawberry Red
  Rose Pink
  Raspberry Red
  Coffee Brown
  Chocolate Brown
  Dark Chocolate
  Lime Green
  Apple Green
  Pea Green
  Black Currant

Alliance OraganicLake Colours

  Lake Quinoline Yellow 47005:1 70%
  Lake Tartrazine 19140:1 87%
  Lake Sunset Yellow FCF 15985:1 87%
  Lake Erythrosine 45430:1 87%
  Lake Ponceau 4R 16255:1 82%
  Lake Allura Red 16035:1 85%
  Lake Carmoisine 14720:1 87%
  Lake Amaranth 16185:1 87%
  Lake Chocolate Brown HT 20285:1 70%
  Lake Brilliant Blue FCF 42090:1 85%
  Lake Indigo Carmine 73015:1 85%

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